Green Building Envelopes 101 Workshop

  • May 10, 2011
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Fort Gary Place - Assiniboine Ballroom
It is becoming clear that even the highest standards of construction that are regularly being implemented today are simply not enough to achieve Net Zero Energy construction. As such, there are not any clear and simple guidelines to follow when considering designing building envelopes or buildings in general to meet this important target. Zero Energy design is an extremely complex task, fraught with the benefits that can only be gained by working with synergies and climate responsive strategies.

The four basic steps that are required to begin to design a building to meet a zero carbon target for operating energy, in order of importance are:

1. Reduce loads/demands first (bioclimatic design, orientation, passive solar design, daylighting, shading, orientation, use of natural ventilation, site design and materiality)
2. Meet load efficiently and effectively (energy efficient/effective lighting, high efficiency/effective mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment, controls, etc)
3. Use on-site generation/renewables to meet energy needs (doing the above steps before will result in the need for much smaller renewable energy systems, making carbon neutrality achievable)
4. Use purchased Offsets as a last resort when all other means have been looked at on site

This presentation will:

* Focus on the climate responsive architectural strategies that are essential to impacting load reduction - i.e. passive design
*Examine envelope design and detailing strategies that work with passive design to further reduce the energy requirements
*Speak to the divide in concern between operating energy and embodied energy as it impacts the low carbon design target in building

Professor Terri Meyer Boake, BES BArch, MArch LEED AP Associate Professor, Associate Director School of Architect, University of Waterloo holds a professional degree and a post professional degree in Architecture from the University of Toronto. She is an LEED Accredited Professional in sustainable building.

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